Monday, 14 May 2018

Orange Crème Brulée

When I last blogged Crème Brulée, I had neither a blowtorch nor a grill.  Since then, I have become the proud owner of a cook's blowtorch (thanks John!) and the world of light, crisp caramel tops is now open...  and I have to say it does make a difference!

This is a highly decadent version of an already decadent pudding, as it has a small orange or citrus curd layer in the base, with a top of orange-flavoured caramel.  I used an orange curd, which is featured elsewhere on this blog, and used the remainder of the orange and a black pepper tuile (also on the blog) to serve.

Orange Crème Brulée
Crème Brulée

4 egg yolks
2oz (50g) caster sugar 
600ml (20 fl oz) double cream
1 tsp orange essence
zest of 1 orange (use the orange for decoration)
small jar of home made orange curd

Caramel:   caster sugar  
1 orange (to serve)
6 little ramekin dishes

Start by boiling a kettle of water (I always forget this bit).... and heating the oven to about 140 deg C.   Heat the double cream in a saucepan over a low heat, adding orange essence and the zest of 1 orange.  Meanwhile, mix the yolks and sugar together.  When the cream is at blood temperature, pour it over the yolks/sugar and whisk gently until well mixed.   

Put about a dessertpoonful of orange or citrus curd into six ramekin dishes.  Strain the crème and carefully pour it over the curd (I did it over the back of a spoon so the curd stayed at the bottom of the ramekin) and place the dishes in a roasting tin containing enough boiling water to come at least half way up the sides.   Bake for about three quarters to an hour until the mixture is set but not coloured (better that than runny though!).    Remove from the water, and allow to cool.   

Sprinkle approx 1 tsp caster sugar over each ramekin, then attack with a blowtorch until you have achieved caramelisation.   Allow this to set before eating. 

Cut the skin off the orange using a serrated knife and, holding the orange in your non-knife hand, cut each segment out of its transparent membrane.  There should be about 8-9 segments.  Do the same to the second orange, and serve with a tuile.